How Much Do Estheticians Make?

The national mean pay for estheticians, also called aestheticians and skincare specialists, was $47,790 per year (or $22.98 per hour) as of May 2022. Salaries ranged from about $25,540 to $79,300. How much you can expect to earn depends on your location, employer, training, and experience. A bit of luck and a lot of determination can also play roles in your pay.

On this page, you'll learn more about how much estheticians are paid near you, including salary data by state and metro area. You'll also discover salary estimates in different industries, how estheticians are paid, and what you can do to improve your salary as an esthetician.

Average Esthetician Salary by State

Esthetician salaries vary by state due to factors such as cost of living and demand for skincare services.

State salary data includes information from across the state, from bustling, high-priced cities to rural, often lower-cost areas. Keep your specific location in mind when looking at this information.

State 2022 Mean Salary Projected 2020-2030 Growth
Alabama $40,320 ($19.38/hr) 16%
Alaska $49,330 ($23.72/hr) N/A
Arizona $44,010 ($21.16/hr) 38%
Arkansas $39,970 ($19.22/hr) N/A
California $51,340 ($24.68/hr) 47%
Colorado $51,930 ($24.97/hr) 29%
Connecticut $60,170 ($28.93/hr) N/A
Delaware N/A 44%
District of Columbia $62,470 ($30.33/hr) 85%
Florida $41,140 ($19.78/hr) 34%
Georgia $40,030 ($19.24/hr) 35%
Hawaii $54,150 ($26.03/hr) 47%
Idaho $40,110 ($19.29/hr) 18%
Illinois $44,230 ($21.26/hr) 25%
Indiana $35,920 ($17.27/hr) 24%
Iowa $43,830 ($21.07/hr) 29%
Kansas $40,800 ($19.62/hr) N/A
Kentucky $35,430 ($17.03/hr) 27%
Louisiana $35,540 ($16.60/hr) 11%
Maine $47,050 ($22.62/hr) 19%
Maryland $42,220 ($20.30/hr) 20%
Massachusetts $51,650 ($24.83/hr) 47%
Michigan $58,000 ($27.88/hr) 23%
Minnesota $52,380 ($25.18/hr) 24%
Mississippi N/A 14%
Missouri $43,940 ($21.13/hr) N/A
Montana $44,860 ($21.57/hr) N/A
Nebraska $47,430 ($22.80/hr) 23%
Nevada $39,710 ($19.09/hr) 35%
New Hampshire $40,750 ($19.59/hr) 32%
New Jersey $45,310 ($21.78/hr) 43%
New Mexico $48,170 ($23.16/hr) 38%
New York $72,600 ($34.90/hr) 73%
North Carolina $57,100 ($27.45/hr) 26%
North Dakota $46,910 ($22.55/hr) 20%
Ohio $45,380 ($21.82/hr) 10%
Oklahoma $27,950 ($13.44/hr) 26%
Oregon $48,290 ($23.22/hr) 55%
Pennsylvania $36,200 ($17.41/hr) 33%
Rhode Island $44,090 ($21.20/hr) 38%
South Carolina $32,970 ($15.85/hr) 31%
South Dakota N/A N/A
Tennessee $40,400 ($19.43/hr) 29%
Texas $39,780 ($19.13/hr) 38%
Utah $51,750 ($24.88/hr) 42%
Vermont $61,900 ($29.76/hr) N/A
Virginia $42,170 ($20.27/hr) 31%
Washington $78,360 ($37.68/hr) 27%
West Virginia $34,390 ($16.53/hr) 4%
Wisconsin $37,190 ($17.88/hr) 18%
Wyoming $46,070 ($22.15/hr) 17%

2022 median salary information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2023).
2020 - 2030 anticipated growth data from CareerOneStop (2023).

Best Cities for Esthetician Salaries

Below, you can find the highest-paying metropolitan areas for estheticians. When considering pay, don't forget to factor in the cost of living. Read our study of the top U.S. cities for esthetician pay when accounting for both salary and cost of living.

Top Metropolitan Areas for Esthetician Salaries

Metropolitan Area 2022 Mean Salary
Olympia / Tumwater, Washington $112,820 ($54.24/hr)
Bellingham, Washington $95,110 ($45.73/hr)
Bremerton-Silverdale, WA $78,980 ($37.97/hr)
Seattle / Tacoma / Bellevue, Washington $76,690 ($36.87/hr)
Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NY $74,580 ($35.86/hr)
Rochester, NY $72,740 ($34.97/hr)
Kahului-Wailuku-Lahaina, HI $69,470 ($33.40/hr)
Salisbury, MD-DE $69,280 ($33.31/hr)
Buffalo-Cheektowaga-Niagara Falls, NY $69,270 ($33.30/hr)
New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA $65,330 ($31.41/hr)

2022 mean salary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2023).

Top Nonmetropolitan (Non-Urban) Areas for Esthetician Salaries

Nonmetropolitan Area 2022 Mean Salary
Piedmont, North Carolina Nonmetropolitan Area $65,730 ($31.60/hr)
Western Washington Nonmetropolitan Area $63,420 ($30.49/hr)
Northwest Colorado Nonmetropolitan Area $53,770 ($25.85/hr)
Capital/Northern New York Nonmetropolitan Area $53,500 ($25.72/hr)
Southeast Coastal North Carolina Nonmetropolitan Area $52,080 ($25.04/hr)

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2023).

Additional information about what "nonmetropolitan" means can be found on the BLS website.

How Industry and Workplace Affect Esthetician Pay

Your employer and what industry you work in can affect your pay. As stated above, the national mean wage for all skincare specialists was $47,790 as of May 2022.

Compare the national mean wage to earning potential for estheticians working in one of these top-paying industries:

Industry Annual Mean Wage (2022) Hourly Mean Wage (2022)
Other Amusement and Recreation Industries $53,280 $25.62
Offices of Other Health Practitioners $51,490 $24.75
Employment Services $51,270 $24.65
General Medical and Surgical Hospitals $50,770 $24.41
Outpatient Care Centers $50,560 $24.31

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2023).

Medical facilities make up three of the five highest-paying esthetics work environments.

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Despite medical facilities being more likely to pay well, they aren't the most popular places to work. The top five industries employing estheticians are:

Industry Annual Mean Wage (2022) Hourly Mean Wage (2022)
Personal Care Services $48,630 $23.38
Health and Personal Care Retailers $35,480 $17.06
Offices of Physicians $49,710 $23.90
Offices of Other Health Practitioners $51,490 $24.75
Traveler Accommodation $44,960 $21.62

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2023).

Fifty-three percent of estheticians work in personal care services, typically in spas and salons.

How Are Estheticians Paid?

The majority of estheticians are paid by employers as opposed to clients. When you work for someone else, you must be paid at least your state's minimum wage. In some cases, estheticians who work for others can earn commission—an amount based on products you sell—which means a base pay plus whatever they earn that way. Most estheticians are paid hourly, though some are salaried.

Some estheticians are self-employed. Self-employed estheticians may rent a booth in a rental salon, own a mobile business, or work out of their homes. They typically set their own rates based on services offered, local averages, business expenses, and other factors.

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Whether you work for an employer or are self-employed, you might receive tips. Tips may be less common for estheticians working in medical settings than in other places. Whether you can be tipped if you're salaried rather than hourly is determined by your state or county.

How to Improve Your Esthetician Salary

The best way to improve your esthetician salary is by taking continuing education classes and gaining additional skills.

Continuing education courses can be found through local beauty groups, at conferences, or through esthetician schools. Your esthetician school may offer free or paid continuing education to its graduates.

You may also earn more as an esthetician if you work in a physician's office. Medical estheticians don't need a separate license, though taking relevant continuing education courses is a good idea. Nurse estheticians often make significantly more than medical or standard estheticians, but a nursing license is required.

And, of course, work experience is key! The longer you're employed, the higher your pay is likely to be. Try to avoid unnecessary employment gaps and keep your portfolio up to date if you decide to look for new jobs. If you find yourself in a rut, you can also look into unusual jobs in the beauty industry, which may or may not pay more but could earn you some valuable skills.

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