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If you hope to become an esthetician in the Northeast, then Providence, Rhode Island, and New Bedford, Massachusetts, may be the best places to begin. The humid summers and freezing winters can wreak havoc on people's skin, so the residents need estheticians to help their skin stay healthy.

As of 2019, estheticians in Providence earned $34,230 per year ($16.46 per hour). New Bedford doesn't publish salaries for estheticians specifically, but its personal care workers in general made a mean salary of $35,880 ($17.25).

Though both states require 600 hours of training and passing scores on written and skills tests for esthetician licensure, they don't have reciprocity. So, if you trained in Massachusetts and move to Rhode Island or vice versa, you would need to apply for a new license. The schools below can help you earn your training and prepare you for exams in their respective states.

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Paul Mitchell The School

Program: Cosmetology

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Aveda Institute

Program: Cosmetology

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Georgia Career Institute (GA)

Program: Cosmetology

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Esthetician Schools Near You

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