Barber Schools in Alabama

Before earning their license, Class 2 Barbers in Alabama receive training as an apprentice or at a board-approved school, pass exams, and pay a registration fee.

Class 1 Barbers, who only perform simple shaving and haircutting, are not subject to regulations.

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Alabama School of Barbering – Accredited

321 2nd Avenue Southeast Suite B
Decatur, AL 36545

April's Mane Academy - Mobile – Accredited

1303 Michigan Avenue
Mobile, AL 35244

Beverly's Beauty Institute – Accredited

1901 Wise Drive
Dothan, AL 35501

Bevill State Community College

1411 Indiana Avenue
Jasper, AL 36603

Bishop State Community College

351 North Broad Street
Mobile, AL 36606

Blueprint Hair Academy – Accredited

1580 Sparkman Drive Northwest #204
Huntsville, AL 35816

Brown Beauty Barber School – Accredited

1724 1st Avenue North Suite 120
Bessemer, AL 36330

Dreamer's School of Cosmetology – Accredited

844 Highway 31 Suite E
Alabaster, AL 35816

International Barber School

1573 Center Point Parkway
Birmingham, AL 36022

J F Ingram State Technical College – Accredited

5375 Ingram Road
Deatsville, AL 35235

J. F. Drake State Community and Technical College

3421 Meridian Street North
Huntsville, AL 35503

J.F. Ingram State Technical College - Atmore – Accredited

9677 Highway 21 North
Atmore, AL 36502

J.F. Ingram State Technical College - Bessemer – Accredited

100 Warrior Lane
Bessemer, AL 35023

J.F. Ingram State Technical College - Brent – Accredited

565 Bibb Lane
Brent, AL 35034

J.F. Ingram State Technical College - Clayton – Accredited

179 Alabama 239
Clayton, AL 36016

J.F. Ingram State Technical College - Clio – Accredited

200 Wallace Drive
Clio, AL 36017

J.F. Ingram State Technical College - Elmore – Accredited

2800 Alabama Highway 143
Elmore, AL 36025

J.F. Ingram State Technical College - Harvest – Accredited

28779 Nick Davis Road
Harvest, AL 35749

J.F. Ingram State Technical College - Springville – Accredited

1000 St. Clair Road
Springville, AL 35146

J.F. Ingram State Technical College - Wetumpka – Accredited

8970 U.S. Highway 231 North
Wetumpka, AL 36092

Jireh's International School Of Cosmetology and Barbering – Accredited

246 Gadsden Highway
Birmingham, AL 35811

Lawson State Community College

3060 Wilson Road Southwest
Birmingham, AL 35601

Shelton State Community College

9500 Old Greensboro Road
Tuscaloosa, AL 35208

The Martin Academy Of Cosmetology And Barbering – Accredited

1226 Noble Street
Anniston, AL 35816

Transitions Technical College – Accredited

6005 Monticello Drive
Montgomery, AL 35401
Accredited School

You must attend a school that meets any licensure requirements as defined by your state. Most states require that you graduate from an accredited or state-approved school.

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Comparing Program Costs in AL

Cosmetology School Costs
Highest range: $15,427 - $19,730
Lowest range: $11,123 - $15,427
Average: $15,326
Barbering School Costs
Highest range: $13,563 - $16,025
Lowest range: $11,100 - $13,563
Average: $13,563

How to Become a Barber in Alabama

Alabama Barber Licensure At a Glance
  • 1,000 education hours or 2,000 apprentice hours are required to become licensed.
  • You must renew your license every 2 years.
  • 0 continuing education hours are required to renew your license.

To become a barber in Alabama, you must be 16, have at least a 10th-grade education, complete an apprenticeship or formal barber program, and pass written and practical exams.

What to Expect From a Barber Program in Alabama

1,000 Education Hours

Required to earn a barber license

Barber programs in Alabama are 1,000 hours and include practical instruction and six hours of theory instruction per week for day schools OR three hours of theory instruction per week for night schools.

For the practical component, students are expected to watch demonstrations and practice everyday tasks they perform in a barber career, like haircutting and facial shaving.

In addition to practical and theory instruction, you must take sanitation and safety courses.

Make sure you select a school regulated by the Alabama Board of Cosmetology and Barbering. You can find that list of schools here.

Alabama Barber Licensing Requirements

Alabama barber license requirements include graduation from a board-approved barber school or apprenticeship, passing a written and theoretical exam, applying for your license online, and paying a $150 initial licensing fee.

When you're ready for your exam, your instructor or apprentice supervisor submits an exam application. However, you fill in your personal information, including your email address. Next, you receive an email outlining the steps for registering with the exam proctoring service Prometric, including setting up a login and password.

On the day of your exams, bring your identifying information and supplies you need to complete the practical exam. Everything you need to bring is listed on the Alabama Barbering Exams CIB.

The core exam areas are:

  • Work area and client preparation and set up of suppliesà first client (10 minutes)
  • Haircutting (40 minutes)
  • Work area and new client preparation and set up of suppliesà second client (10 minutes)
  • Shaving with a straight razor (variable timing)
  • Blood exposure procedure (10 minutes)
  • Chemical waving (20 minutes)
  • Predisposition test and strand test with simulated product (10 minutes)
  • Chemical relaxer – virgin application (15 minutes)
  • Hair color – retouch application (15 minutes)

The theoretical portion of the exam has 110 questions, 100 of which are weighted. These questions cover:

Scientific concepts (35% of exam)

  • Infection control
  • Human anatomy and physiology
  • Identify conditions, disorders, and diseases related to skin
  • Identify conditions, disorders, and diseases related to hair
  • Basic chemistry of products used in barbering

Implements and equipment (10% of exam)

  • Identify the function, purpose, and care of tools used in hair services
  • Understand and apply safety and sanitation practices for the use of implements and equipment

Hair Care Services (40% of exam)

  • Client consultation
  • Hair care
  • Hair design
  • Head shaving
  • Chemical services

Facial Hair and Skin Care Services (15% of exam)

  • Client consultation
  • Draping for facial hair and skin care
  • Facial hair and skin care safety practices
  • Electrolight therapy and light therapy

You need a 70% on both exams to pass. If you fail an exam three times, you must take an additional 375 hours of schooling before retaking the test.

You'll receive your score immediately, although your official score is mailed a few days or weeks later.

Can I Apprentice as a Barber in Alabama?

2,000 Apprentice Hours

Required to earn a barber license

Yes, you can become a barber in Alabama through an apprenticeship.You must complete your apprenticeship within two years of starting. The curriculum for your apprenticeship is set by the board and includes:

  • 200 hours of history, law, image, and management
  • 200 hours of sanitation and infection
  • 300 hours cutting, shaping, and styling
  • 150 hours of shampooing and rinses
  • 200 hours of sciences and anatomy
  • 100 hours of skin, scalp, and hair
  • 250 hours of shaving, design, and hairpieces
  • 100 hours of chemical waving
  • 200 hours of hair coloring
  • 100 hours of relaxing
  • 200 unassigned hours

This totals the 2,000 hours of instruction and learning you must complete before taking your exams. Remember that your apprenticeship must be completed under a supervisor with only one apprentice at a time.

Alabama Barber License Reciprocity

You can earn your Alabama barber license through reciprocity. You must have an active barber's license in another state to qualify. All you need to do is complete this application and submit a $100 fee.

Barber License Renewal in Alabama

2 Years

License renewal period

0 Hours

Continuing education required

Barber licenses expire in even-numbered years at the end of the licensee's birth month. To renew, complete this renewal form with a nonrefundable $100 fee.

No continuing education units are required for license renewal. However, it's always wise to keep your skills and knowledge of barber tools and technology up to date.

Contact the Alabama Board of Cosmetology and Barbering

Alabama Board of Cosmetology and Barbering

Resources for Barbers in Alabama

Licensing FAQs
The Alabama Board of Cosmetology and Barbering answers the most commonly asked questions about licensing, careers, and exams.

Alabama Barbers
A Facebook group for Alabama barbers to connect, network, and post upcoming events or changes to barbering laws.


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