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How to Become a Hair Braider in Vermont

Vermont Hair Braiding Careers At a Glance
  • Average salary for hair braiding in Vermont is $28,880 .
  • There is a predicted 9.3% job increase between 2012 - 2022.

Are you looking for a beauty career that's growing rapidly and taking over the country in popularity? You may be looking for the field of hair braiding. As a hair braider, you can learn an ancient art and make it your own by practicing and developing your own styles.

Education Details

Hair braiding programs often focus on hair of varying textures and lengths. In the early stages of your training, you may learn about different hair textures and how you can alter your technique to suit your clients' needs. From there, you may move on to the braiding styles that clients most often request. Commonly covered techniques include cornrows, weaves, locks, and braids. You should get to practice with mannequin heads and real clients. With feedback from your instructor, you can become the kind of braider that clients want to return to every month!

Vermont Hair Braiding Careers


Average yearly salary for hair braiding in Vermont

The salary you earn as a hair braider is really dependent on your experience and what work setting you choose. For example, if you open your own braiding shop, you may be able to hire braiders and ramp up your earnings. If you work for a spa or salon, you may earn a base salary plus tips. Overall, the average salary for a cosmetology specialist in Vermont is $24,400 per year (O*Net, 2014). The job outlook in Vermont is positive. Through the year 2022, O*Net anticipates a 12% increase in job openings in this field.

The field of hair braiding is still growing throughout the United States, so this may be a great time to get into the field and make a name for yourself in Vermont. By marketing your skills and reaching out to new clients, you should be able to build up a strong client base and keep yourself busy at work. Hair braiders may work a variety of hours, so flexibility is important. If you're willing to work weekends and nights, you may be able to meet the scheduling needs of your customers.

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Those living in Vermont are enjoying the benefits of being catered to by elite hair care professionals, and as a result the state expects the number of stylists to rise. These stylists employ modern techniques like hair braiding to satisfy customer demand. Those interested in training to braid hair go to these institutions.

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