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How to Become a Hair Braider in Maryland

Maryland Hair Braiding Careers At a Glance
  • Average salary for hair braiding in Maryland is $30,910.
  • There is a predicted 12.4% job increase between 2012 - 2022.

If you''re looking for a cosmetology career that allows you to work with a devoted group of customers, build on your skills every day, and explore the opportunity of becoming self-employed, you may want to become a hair braider in Maryland. Maryland hair braiding salons are rapidly growing in popularity, typically serving African-American and ethnic communities located throughout the state. Braiding techniques utilized in these salons originated in different parts of Africa.

State License Requirements

Maryland exempts hair braiding professionals from cosmetology licensing requirements. You can work as a hair braider without any formal training or education, which allows those with braiding skills to work as soon as they can meet the expectations of customers. If you are new to braiding, you may still want to go through a hair braiding education program before starting your career.

Education Details

The state of Maryland does not have any licensing requirements for hair braiders, so you can choose the braiding program that best suits your career interests and your existing braiding skills. Some schools require you to study all available braiding skills, while others let you pick and choose what you want to learn. Some of the techniques you may learn in hair braiding school include twisting, locking, weaving, braiding, cornrowing, and extensions. As you explore each technique, you may discover how to make it work with different hair lengths and textures. This often involves working with real clients to perfect your technique.

Maryland Hair Braiding Careers


Average yearly salary for hair braiding in Maryland

The demand for hair braiders is growing all over the United States. However, there is little information on job growth in this specialty, since it's still a relatively small part of the cosmetology industry. As hair braiding continues to grow in popularity and attract the attention of people throughout Maryland, you may find that the job outlook continues to improve. From 2012 to 2022, O*Net anticipates a 7% increase in cosmetology job openings in Maryland. Salaries in hair braiding vary quite a bit, based on your employment setting, how quickly you build a solid customer base, and the community you work in. O*Net reports that the average salary for a Maryland cosmetology professional is $25,400 per year. Part of your income may come from tips, so it's crucial to get a loyal customer base as quickly as you can.

Hair braiding is a skill that can really help you build a career that you love. For Harriet reports that the field of ethnic hair care has done quite a bit to strengthen communities throughout the United States. In fact, hair braiding is a field in which self-employment and small business ownership are highly valued. You may choose to offer your braiding services at a salon or seek employment at an existing braiding salon. However, you may also choose to open your own hair braiding salon and become a small business owner. This may allow you to create your own schedule, market your skills, and corner a part of the hair braiding market in your city. Keep in mind that you must meet local health and sanitation requirements to own a hair braiding salon in Maryland. Customer service is important in all cosmetology specialties, but it's particularly important in hair braiding. Your customers may need touchups once a month or less, which represents a huge income opportunity for you. If you can get a customer to rely on your high-quality braiding and trust you for their touchups, you can make them a customer for life. As a result, it's important to spend time talking with your customers, finding out what they want from their hairstyle, and meeting their needs during every single appointment.

Contact the Maryland State Board of Cosmetology

Maryland Department of Labor

You can contact the board if you have additional questions about obtaining a Maryland state cosmetology license. Maryland has a reputation for premier hair care, and talented professionals who can show off a dazzling array of styles including hair braiding. Currently there is no licensing procedure in the state, but interested stylists obtain training information through these groups.

Professional Beauty Association
National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology

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