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How to Become a Salon Manager in Montana

Who keeps a salon running, even when staff call out, there are a dozen walk-in clients, and the inspection board pops in for a surprise visit? Salon management professionals are responsible for holding together the salon, keeping staff motivated, and making sure clients are happy.

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State License Requirements

The field of salon management does not require any licensure, so you may simply choose a salon management program that suits your needs and what you want to learn. However, if you have a cosmetology license, you may want to keep it up-to-date. This may make you a valuable manager and employee in a salon setting.

Education Details

Your training in this field covers many aspects of staff, client, and small business management. When you begin your education, plan on learning about Montana cosmetology laws, standards maintained by the Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists, and how to regulate the work of your staff. Other parts of your training may cover the management techniques needed to run a business properly. You may learn about financial management, scheduling and human resources, and handling staff complaints. Furthermore, customer service is typically covered in salon management programs. Your instructors may teach you how to interact with customers as a manager, how to solve issues, and how to ensure that your staff members are meeting the high customer service standards of your salon.

License Renewal

To become a salon manager in Montana, you do not need a particular license. However, we strongly encourage all students to consider cosmetology licensure to become the best candidate for this role. Many programs include business management courses, so you can understand key concepts that support the business side of this career. Plus, you will gain the skills to inspire confidence in your workers and customers. If you earn your license in Montana, you will need to renew every other year, no later than March 1st for $80.

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Average yearly salary for salon management in Montana

The beauty industry can be a great field in which to start your career - even if the economy suffers in other areas, people always want to treat themselves and look great. That explains the impressive job outlook for spa and salon managers in Montana. Through 2022, O*Net predicts a 17% increase in spa management jobs in this state. That's 6% higher than the national average, so you may be able to find a range of job opportunities after graduation (O*Net, 2012). You may find that you have a more stable salary after becoming a spa or salon manager. Salon managers, unlike cosmetologists and other beauty professionals, do not earn tips. As a result, you may earn a higher hourly or annual salary. O*Net reports that the average salary for a Montana salon manager is $32,100 per year. As your salon owner comes to rely on you more, you may be able to earn more money.

With a salon management degree, you can take on a leadership role in salons and spas across Montana. Some small, family-owned salons may hire managers to take on the role of leader when the owner is gone. Large salons and chain salons often hire managers, and in fact, they may have multiple managers on the floor at any given time. The duties you take on and the hours you work depend on where your strengths lie and what the salon owner needs. Technology will likely be a big part of your career; statistics indicate that the majority of salons use some type of salon management program for scheduling, payment, and ordering. As a salon manager, you should be ready to serve as a leader to cosmetologists, nail technicians, and other salon staff. This may involve scheduling to meet the salon's needs and your staff's needs, sorting out conflicts between staff members, and ensuring that staff members feel safe while they are at work. While working the floor, customer service may be one of your priorities. This is a skill that you may develop over time. By looking at clients, you may be able to figure out if they're pleased with their service, if you need to step in, and how you can help cosmetologists meet their customers' expectations.

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Montana residents who are in the beauty business are appreciative of how satisfying it is. With that in mind, some have an eye towards building their own business. Potential salon management types there will want to take a look at these organizations.

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