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How to Become a Permanent Makeup Artist in Maine

Maine Permanent Makeup Artistry Careers At a Glance
  • The average salary for permanent makeup artists in Maine is $57,627 ($27.71/hour). This is higher than the national average of $55,093 ($26.49/hour).
  • There is a predicted 2% job increase between 2016-2026 for skincare specialists, including permanent makeup artists. This is lower than the expected national growth of 11%.

Are you artistic? Do you love cosmetics and making yourself and others look beautiful? The application of permanent makeup is a type of tattooing, using special instruments that enables people to have the look of certain types of makeup without having to apply it daily or constantly replenish a costly item, like eyeliner, lipliner, or eyebrow pencil. It is also known as micropigmentation and dermapigmentation. Permanent makeup is used in a number of different ways, some of which may surprise you. Perhaps most commonly, it is used to replace the daily use of certain cosmetic products. There are other uses that are probably less well known. It is used to help restore normal appearance following treatment, surgery, injury, or illness.

For instance, someone who has undergone cancer treatment may have lost their facial hair, and permanent makeup can replace the look of eyebrows. Or a person with a repaired cleft lip may be helped cosmetically by permanent makeup. This type of use, and others, can restore not only a person's appearance, but self-esteem and confidence as well. Becoming a permanent makeup artist takes artistic talent and a very steady hand. It is an option within the beauty industry that not everybody does. If you would like to be of genuine use to people, and help them to look and feel their best, becoming a permanent makeup artist in Maine just may appeal to you as an interesting career!

State License Requirements

The Maine Department of Health and Human Services issues licenses for tattooing in the state. Some permanent makeup artists belong to the Society for Permanent Makeup Professionals which represents their interests and seeks to elevate the profession and its standards.

Education Details

Most accredited schools of cosmetology and hair design offer programs in permanent makeup. These typically last from six-to-twelve months, although, depending upon your background, that time frame may be compressed. For instance, some medical professionals, like doctors and nurses, enroll in permanent makeup programs to help their patients and may need less of the basic lessons in anatomy and physiology than people who do not have this type of background. In cosmetology school you will learn all about skin and its diseases. Courses will show you how to work with the pigments and choose the right ones, as well as how to operate the tools you need. You'll get to observe professionals applying permanent makeup on video, and see live demonstrations. As you advance, you will be able to practice on live human beings.

Other topics covered will be:

  • Taking care of clients before and after the procedure
  • Sterilizing and sanitizing your equipment and pigments
  • Professional conduct and client satisfaction

License Renewal

Maine has its own ways of regulating body art and micropigmentation. To practice micropigmentation, you will need to register with the Academy of Micropigmentation. To obtain a license for tattooing, electrology, micropigmentation, or other permanent makeup specialties, you will need to submit an application, with other relevant forms, to the Maine Department of Health and Human Services. The fees for a tattooing practitioner are $225, and a micropigmentation practitioner pays a $150 fee. We recommend going through permanent makeup artist training to be sure you are fully ready for licensure.

Maine Permanent Makeup Careers


Average yearly salary for permanent makeup in Maine

Permanent makeup artist in Maine earned an average yearly salary of $57,627 in 2020, the most recent year for which statistics are available. It is potentially possible to earn considerably more than this depending upon your background, experience, and where you work. Those who work in cosmetic restoration may be able to charge higher fees and may be eligible for third party reimbursement through insurance companies.

Permanent makeup artists work most often in spas and salons, although some work in tattoo salons and others in medical facilities, so a variety of settings are possible. Wherever the setting, it is important to work in a private area or room that is quiet and makes it possible to concentrate. Permanent makeup artists who work in medical facilities may perform cosmetic restoration or camouflage procedures, such aereola restoration following breast surgery. Work is highly intensive and personalized, and you will probably work mostly by appointment with individual clients. This means that you should have some flexibility in your schedule, allowing you to work around other commitments, such as family. It is likely that you will need to work some evening and weekend hours, as that is often when clients are available. You may wish, after you gain several years experience, to open your own permanent makeup studio, in effect becoming a business owner with all that that entails. Permanent makeup artists do more than simply enhance people's appearance, although that is certainly important. They can help to restore dignity and a feeling of normalcy in those who need it. If you would like to be able to make a difference, consider going into the field of permanent makeup artistry in Maine!

Contact the Maine State Board of Cosmetology

Office of Professional and Financial Regulation

Beauty care professionals in Maine keep an eye out for the more sophisticated and modern treatments they can place at their disposal. Permanent makeup has begun to catch on in the state in recent years. Interested professionals gain information through these groups.

Professional Beauty Association
National Interstate Council of Board of Cosmetology

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