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Aesthetics Academy of Idaho

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How to Become a Permanent Makeup Artist in Idaho

Idaho Permanent Makeup Artistry Careers At a Glance
  • The average salary for permanent makeup artists in Idaho is $57,671 ($27.73/hour). This is higher than the national average of $55,093 ($26.49/hour).
  • There is a predicted 14% job increase between 2016-2026 for skincare specialists, including permanent makeup artists. This is higher than the expected national growth of 11%.

Permanent makeup, a special form of tattooing, is a technique that more and more customers are choosing. Cosmetics are expensive and the price for simple beauty items such as eyeliner, lipliner, and brow enhancers, goes up each year. Plus, putting in the time each morning to perform the tasks of lining or enhancing a facial feature takes time away from other valuable activities. And not everyone has a hand steady enough to make the precise lines needed to look good.

Hence, many sophisticated consumers are choosing to have permanent makeup procedures performed on their faces or bodies to improve their appearance without daily effort. If you would like a career in the beauty industry that enhances people's appearance and helps them feel good about themselves, a career as a permanent makeup artist in Idaho could be a good choice for you!

State License Requirements

The state of Idaho does not regulate the practice of permanent makeup application, making this an area of beauty in which you do not currently need to obtain a license. Still, attending an accredited school can help ensure that you are properly trained in all aspects of permanent makeup, including the use of tools and pigments and processes of sterilization and sanitation. Some permanent makeup artists belong to the Society for Permanent Makeup Professionals which promotes the ideals and standards of the profession.

Education Details

Permanent makeup is taught as a specialty area in schools of cosmetology and some programs that teach tattooing. It is also known as micropigmentation and dermapigmentation. People from varying backgrounds study the skills of applying permanent makeup, including people who are licensed in cosmetology and skin care, tattoo artists, and some physicians, nurses, and other health professionals.

License Renewal

Although Idaho does not require tattoo artists and permanent makeup artists to go through license or renewal requirements, you should look into training to make sure you approach this profession correctly. As it stands now, you just need to get a standard business license to operate a tattoo shop or permanent makeup facility in this state. However, clients will want to know you are a skilled professional. So, set your own standards for quality services. And start by comparing several permanent makeup artist programs in Idaho.

Idaho Permanent Makeup Careers


Average yearly salary for permanent makeup in Idaho

Permanent makeup artists in Idaho earned an average salary of $57,671 in 2020, the most recent year for which such statistics are available. The more years of experience you have and the reputation you have built up make a difference in the fee you can charge. And permanent makeup artists who specialize in cosmetic reconstruction such as aereola restoration post breast surgery, or scar camouflage, can charge higher fees. The career outlook for individuals entering this profession is good, with growth predicted to be about 14% between 2016 and 2026. So individuals entering the field should find that their job prospects are favorable.

Depending upon your background, training, and the type of permanent makeup you choose to do, the setting in which you work will vary. Some permanent makeup artists work at beauty salons and spas, in a private area or room. Others practice in physician's offices or other medical facilities. Dr. Laura Reed of Boise is an Optometric Physician who practices Permanent Makeup and Medical Tattooing for cosmetic and reconstructive purposes. She is board certified in Permanent Makeup and has certification in bloodborne pathogens through CDC-OSHA. She performs permanent makeup applications including eyeliner, lipliner and lipstick, eyelash enhancement, permanent makeup correction and removal, aereola restoration, skin and scar camouflage and other procedures, such as tattoo removal. She was also trained as an artist and has a keen eye for symmetry, shape, and color. Hers is a specialty practice that focuses exclusively on the cosmetic application of pigments, and related procedures. If you are seeking a career in the beauty industry with good income and growth potential, where you can perform a service that truly enhances people's lives, then a career as a permanent makeup artist in Idaho may be a perfect career choice for you!

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In Idaho, makeup artistry is the bedrock of the beauty industry. As local numbers point to its rise, the field of permanent makeup has posed some interest for potential stylists. All get their start through these organizations.

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