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How to Become a Electrologist in Georgia

Georgia Electrology Careers At a Glance
  • Average salary for electrology in Georgia is $30,120 .
  • There is a predicted 15.30% job increase between 2012 - 2022.

Unwanted hair may be one of the most inconvenient parts of a daily beauty routine, which is why more and more people are turning to electrologists to make unwanted hair a thing of the past. Electrology programs teach you how to use epilation to permanently remove hair. We offer complete resources and directory for students to use who are looking for electrology training. Good luck on your search for the right school! Be sure to compare several programs before making a decision.

State License Requirements

Georgia does not currently have any laws that regulate the work or licensure of electrologists. While there are no legal barriers to practice in Georgia, education is still very important in this field. Without the proper hands-on training, it is difficult to use electrology equipment safely and appropriately. Attending a comprehensive theory and practical training program can prepare you for the demands of this career.

Education Details

Before you can even use electrology tools, you need a thorough understanding of how permanent hair removal works and what you'll be doing in this role. Your electrology program might start with a solid theory component that covers different parts of hair, including the hair bulb, follicle, and matrix. In addition, you may learn about different skin diseases and disorders. This helps you figure out when a client is or is not a good fit for electrology. There are lots of different types of electrology. Being skilled in multiple areas can expand your customer base and make you more indispensable to employers! If you plan on using electrolysis, you may need to learn single and multiple needle methods. Another major type of electrology in Georgia is thermolysis. You can do thermolysis manually or automatically, so your electrology program may cover both. The blend modality of electrology combines galvanic and high-frequency currents. Having perfect technique is important in any cosmetology specialty, and it's especially important for aspiring electrologists. There are many factors that affect your technique, including probes, timing, depth of insertion, and intensity.

License Renewal

Georgia does not have set requirements for working as an electrologist in this state. That’s why you will need to be sure you complete a program that meets the requirements set forth by the American Electrology Association. If you receive your cosmetologist license in Georgia while earning your education, you will need to renew your license every two years by March 31st during even-numbered years. You will also have to pay a $50 fee at the time of renewal. Georgia also requires 5 continuing education units between each renewal period.

Georgia Electrology Careers


Average yearly salary for electrology in Georgia

Though there's no specific salary information for electrologists, they are often considered skin care specialists by salons and other employers. The average salary for a Georgia skin care specialist is $19,500 per year, according to O*Net. As you become more experienced and skilled in permanent hair removal, though, you may earn up to $37,900 per year (O*Net, 2013). Skin care specialists in this state can enjoy a very promising job outlook. O*Net expects job openings for skin care specialists to increase by 32% between 2010 and 2020. Currently, electrology is not a licensed profession in Georgia. If you decide to become licensed as an esthetician to allow you to perform more services, your career may be overseen by the Georgia Board of Cosmetology. They require 1,000 hours of education for estheticians. Some salons and spas do require esthetician licensure for hair removal specialists.

As permanent hair removal becomes a more popular and accessible option for people across Georgia, you may enjoy a wider range of clients. Electrologists may work in spas, salons, or in standalone hair removal facilities. You may develop professional relationships with your clients, since people often need to come back several times before hair completely stops growing back. However, unlike other cosmetology careers, electrologists often enjoy fairly traditional work hours. Since you work with expensive and potentially dangerous equipment, you must be able to focus and harness your attention at all times. This is crucial, since your customers must be able to trust you if you want them to come back. Many people who go into electrology as a career find it to be a very rewarding job. Tana Anderson decided to become an electrologist because of the excessive hair growth that led people to bully her when she was a child. Helping people permanently rid themselves of unwelcome hair can make you feel great about the work you're doing! After going through electrolysis herself, Anderson went through a training program and became an electrologist. Now she owns her own salon and prides herself on serving people of all ages, backgrounds, and needs. Are you ready for your career in electrology to take off? The first step is finding quality training. Contact the schools in your area today to learn more about their programs!

Contact the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology

Georgia State Board of Cosmetology

Beauty professionals in Georgia make sure to incorporate all possible skills into their practice as a way to better themselves and their business. To that end, electrology is a key tool of the trade. Since there’s not a dedicated board for licensing, those looking to learn consult these places.

Atlanta School Of Electrolysis
Georgia Electrologists Association
Atlanta Electrology Centre;


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