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How to Become a Electrologist in Louisiana

Louisiana Electrology Careers At a Glance
  • Average salary for electrology in Louisiana is $23,590.
  • There is a predicted 8.60% job increase between 2012 - 2022.

Electrolysis is the process of removing unwanted hair permanently from a specific facial or bodily area. Because having unwanted hair can be embarrassing, people are sensitive about this problem and wish for it to be handled in a way that is both professional and discreet. This requires a certain level of maturity in the practitioner, and a highly professional demeanor. If you meet these criteria, and you are looking for a career where you can make a real difference in a person's self-esteem and self-confidence, then a career as an electrologist in Louisiana could be a good choice for you. Use our directory of Electrolysis programs to learn more!

State License Requirements

600 Education Hours

Required to earn a electrology license

The state of Louisiana regulates the field of electrology. To become an electrologist, you must earn your license through the Louisiana State Board of Electrolysis Examiners. You need at least 600 hours of training from an approved program to apply for licensure. Some of your training must be done via an onsite clinical program.

Education Details

Electrolysis is taught in schools of hair dressing, hair styling, and cosmetology, and in some free-standing electrolysis schools. Also, some community colleges may offer it as part of earning a two year associate's degree. Wherever you choose to study, you will learn the anatomy and physiology of skin and hair, types of hair, and diseases of skin and hair. You will learn about the three modalities used in electrolysis: galvanic, thermolytic, and blend, as well as about laser hair removal. All of these methods effectively kill the hair root, permanently preventing it from regrowing. In your studies, you will gain hands-on experience with each process as well as watch instructor demonstrations and videos. You will also gain additional experience via internships at salons and spas. There, you will also learn about some of the business aspects of the electrolysis business and achieving client satisfaction. You will need to complete 600 hours of instruction and training in an accredited institution to be eligible to sit for the licensing exam in Louisiana. Further qualifications include being eighteen years old or older, and holding a high school diploma or equivalent. The exam is administered by the Louisiana State Board of Electrolysis Examiners and includes both a theoretical (written) and skills part. When you pass the exam and pay the required fee, you will be issued your license to practice. You will also need to obtain three continuing education credits each year to maintain your license.

License Renewal

1 Year

License renewal period

0 Hours

Continuing education required

Since Louisiana regulates electrology, you will need to consider licensure and renewal requirements to work in this state. Here, you will need to complete 600 hours of training before you can take your state exam. You must renew your license every year by the date of your birth. The fee for renewal is $20. Louisiana requires electrologists take 8 hours of continuing education courses between each renewal date. These courses can help you maintain the level of professional skills that your clients will expect, as well as understand the latest regulations.

Louisiana Electrology Careers


Average yearly salary for electrology in Louisiana

Skincare specialists in Louisiana earned an average salary of $19,800 in 2013, the most recent year for which data are available according to O*Net. As an electrologist, you will have a very special skill and should be in a position to charge a higher fee. Also, if you eventually open your own electrolysis studio, or work in conjunction with a physician's office, you may be able to charge a higher fee. The projected rate of growth is much higher than average (22%), so there are likely to be a good supply of electrolysis jobs available.

As a practicing electrologist, you will see individual customers in a private room or area of your spa or salon. You will need to prep their skin, and know how to soothe any discomfort following the procedure. Because the process of removing unwanted hair from a section of the face or body is time consuming and exacting, your customers will need to return to see you for multiple sessions. Some may come to see you weekly for a period of months. This means that you will get to know your customers, and some of them will want to talk with you about themselves and their lives. It is very important that you be skilled at active listening, and that you be empathic and compassionate. You will also need to be discreet. In between clients, you will need to clean and sterilize your work area and your equipment in preparation for the next customer. You also may have to prepare bills and invoices, for example, to third party payers such as insurance companies. Because you will see customers by appointment, you will have flexibility in your schedule. You can work either full or part time, although you may need to be available some evening and weekend hours. Still, this is a job that can work around other responsibilities you may have, such as taking care of a family. As you gain experience and a reputation, you may decide to open your own free-standing electrolysis salon. That would give you both the responsibilities and rewards of being a small business owner. Becoming an electrologist in Louisiana is a way to be able to make a meaningful difference in people's lives while working in the exciting beauty industry. If you are mature, professional, and discreet, this could be a great way for you to earn a living. Look for programs in your area to learn more!

Contact the Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology

Louisiana Board of Cosmetology

As one of the selection of states that has a dedicated board to electrology, Louisiana is committed to newer developments in beauty and skin care. Aspiring professionals usually contact these groups for more information.

Louisiana State Board of Electrolysis Examiners
Blue Cliff College
Virginia College – Baton Rouge


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