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How to Become a Electrologist in Nebraska

Nebraska Electrology Careers At a Glance
  • 600 education hours are required to become licensed.
  • You must renew your license every 2 years.
  • 8 continuing education hours are required to renew your license.
  • Average salary for electrology in Nebraska is $30,540.
  • There is a predicted 9.70% job increase between 2012 - 2022.

No matter what motivates a person to look good—a significant other, swimsuit season, or their own goals for their appearance—avoiding the growth of excessive body hair is a big part of achieving the perfect look. More and more people are realizing how inconvenient shaving and waxing can be, leading them to seek out the services of electrologists. As this important technology makes its way to the Midwest, the demand for electrology professionals is increasing!

State License Requirements

600 Education Hours

Required to earn a electrology license

Electrology, like most cosmetology specialties and jobs, is regulated by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. Before you can sit for your licensing exam and become a licensed electrologist, you must complete an approved program of no fewer than 600 hours.

Education Details

Electrology programs are in-depth and fairly rigorous, so be ready to work and study hard! Before you begin learning about tools and techniques, you need to know a lot about the human body. This involves knowing how hair grows, how skin is affected by electrolysis, and how electrolysis stops hair growth. Once you've mastered these concepts, you can learn about various electrolysis methods. Methods commonly used in today's salons include the single needle method, the multiple needle method, the blend method, manual thermolysis, and automatic thermolysis. Hands-on practice is also crucial in this field. After watching your instructor perform electrology procedures, you may work with patients under the supervision of your instructor.

License Renewal

2 Years

License renewal period

8 Hours

Continuing education required

To work as an electrologist in the state of Nebraska, you will need to complete the 600-hour training program though the American Electrology Association (AEA). They set the standards for quality care and training for electrologists across the nation. Since many states do not have requirements, or official licensure, this is the go-to association for professional credentials. In Nebraska, electrologists register and get licensed with the State Board of Cosmetology, you will pay a fee of $95 for your initial license, and $118 for renewal. You must renew every two years in even-numbered years by December 31st.

Nebraska Electrology Careers


Average yearly salary for electrology in Nebraska

Electrology is a field that requires highly-trained practitioners with plenty of experience and expertise. As a result, the demand for electrology professionals is growing faster than the amount of electrologists in many parts of the country. From 2012 to 2022, O*Net anticipates a 32% increase in skin care specialist jobs. This includes jobs for electrologists (O*Net, 2012). With training in this field, you may earn a competitive range of salaries. In fact, this field could give you the chance to significantly increase your earning potential. O*Net reports an average salary of $34,900 per year for skin care specialists in Nebraska. The amount of money you bring in depends on how much experience you have, how mainstream electrology is in your community, and how extensively you market yourself in your city.

As an electrologist, you may meet the needs of many different types of clients. Many electrology salons market themselves to people who want permanent hair removal for aesthetic reasons. People with normal hair growth who simply do not want to deal with waxing or shaving anymore may make up a large part of your customer base. However, you may also work with people whose need for permanent hair removal is a bit more personal. A significant percentage of people have excessive body hair due to their hormones or genetics. When you perform services for these people, you may help them build their self-esteem, dress the way they want, and finally be able to enjoy life to the fullest. You may want to use your electrology skills in a few different settings. Some electrologists work in dermatology offices, working under dermatologists and getting referrals for dermatologists. You may also seek employment at a salon or spa, where hair removal services are often offered. If you're considering owning your own business or becoming self-employed, you may open your own electrolysis salon and reach customers in that way. As you near graduation, you may want to look at different employers and options in your area to find the choice that best suits you.

Contact the Nebraska State Board of Cosmetology

Department of Health and Human Services

Nebraska is a state where there are numerous opportunities available for enterprising individuals in the beauty care industry. Being an electrologist adds a unique element to a professional’s skill base. Aspiring applicants can find information through these resources.

Joseph’s College of Cosmetology
Electrology Institute of N.E.


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