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How to Become a Salon Manager in Kansas

Every good team needs a leader, and that's especially true in the beauty industry! With nail technicians, cosmetologists, massage therapists, and other beauty professionals all sharing space and working together, it's important to have a strong manager to keep everything running smoothly.

If you're ready to take on more responsibility in your cosmetology career, you may want to look into studying salon management in Kansas.

State License Requirements

Before going into salon management, it may be helpful to have some work experience as a cosmetologist or other beauty professional. Some programs in Kansas do require a valid, current cosmetology license, so keep that in mind as you begin looking into your options. A cosmetology license may also allow you to jump in and help when it's needed by your employer.

Education Details

As you begin your training, you may learn a lot about what goes into the running of a salon. Early in your curriculum, plan on discovering the different careers in the salon industry, including hairstylist, makeup artist, and nail technician. You may study Kansas cosmetology law as it relates to each of these positions and learn what is expected of your staff. Health, sanitation, and safety make up a big part of your education. Not only must you be able to keep your work environment clean and hygienic, you must ensure that your staff members are keeping a clean work area. Leadership and management skills should also be covered in your curriculum. You may learn how to communicate effectively with different beauty professionals and encourage them in their daily work.

License Renewal

Like most states, Kansas doesn't require salon managers to have a license in that particular area. However, to be the best manager of these beauty services you need to understand the work, and have the business skills to succeed. Fortunately, most cosmetology programs include salon management geared courses to help you develop these necessary professional competencies. If you earn your license for cosmetology in Kansas you need to renew it every other year by the end of the month it was originally issued - for a $60 fee.

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Average yearly salary for salon management in Kansas

After you put in the hard work of earning a salon management degree or certificate, you may be able to enjoy a strong job outlook in Kansas. Between 2012 and 2022, O*Net anticipates a 12% increase in salon management jobs in Kansas. This is slightly higher than the national average, and it's expected to lead to about 100 new jobs per year throughout the decade (O*Net, 2012). Stepping up to a salon management job may increase your earning potential. Salon managers are typically paid an hourly wage or annual salary, which may allow you a more stable income than a career as a cosmetologist. Per O*Net, the average salary for a Kansas salon manager is $30,300 per year. If you stick with the same salon for a long time or bring strong management skills to your new job title, you may earn a higher salary.

A career as a salon manager can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling. This field is growing rapidly as more and more salon owners discover the value of having a manager on hand at all times. In fact, advises salon owners to always hire salon managers for the day-to-day tasks of running a salon! This position comes with a lot of responsibility, so be ready to think on your feet and make quick decisions. notes that salon managers often act on behalf of the owner when the owner is not present, so you should feel comfortable managing staff, handling money, and making important business decisions. Your daily tasks may depend on the immediate needs of the salon and what your salon owner entrusts to your care. You may fill out paperwork, process payroll and complete other financial tasks, create employee schedules, or oversee staff on the salon floor. This job often involves lots of communication and networking, as you may work with suppliers, customers, marketing professionals, and others who affect the success of your salon. Get comfortable placing phone calls, talking with people face-to-face, and crafting professional e-mails.

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For some in Kansas, going into the beauty industry is a game-changer. The state has welcomed more becoming professionals, and even those who go on to run their own salons. Budding management types begin by researching the following organizations.

Professional Beauty Association
National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences

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