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How to Become a Makeup Artist in South Dakota

South Dakota Makeup Artist Careers At a Glance
  • The average salary for makeup artists in South Dakota is $49,127 ($23.62/hour). This is higher than the national average of $43,658 ($20.99/hour).
  • There is a predicted 9% job increase between 2016-2026 for cosmetologists, including makeup artists. This is equal to the expected national growth of 9%.

When you become a makeup artist, every face you work on is like a blank canvas. Every one of your customers has beauty and great traits to bring out.

As a makeup artist, you can teach them how to make the most of their favorite features and downplay ones they would like to hide. Contact the listed schools to find out more about makeup artist training programs in South Dakota.

Education Details

Part of being a skilled makeup technician is knowing what tools you have and how to use them. Because of this, you may spend a lot of time on different brushes, applicators, makeup removers, primers, and other products. Furthermore, you may use different makeup brands so you have a wide variety of choices to select from. It's important to know how to apply makeup to many different skin types. Throughout your education, you may work with many different mannequin heads and a range of clients to strengthen your skills.

South Dakota Makeup Artistry Careers


Average yearly salary for makeup artistry in South Dakota

When you decide to go into makeup application as a career, you may find that you have the potential to earn many different salaries. The income you bring in depends on if you go a traditional employment route or if you become self-employed. O*Net reports that the average salary for a South Dakota cosmetology specialist is $49,127 per year. A 9% increase in job openings is anticipated through the year 2026.

Being a people person can help you out quite a bit in this career. You never know who will end up in your makeup chair on any given day, and you must give excellent service no matter who needs your services. Your schedule may also differ from day to day, depending on special events that may be going on and what appointments you have. Makeup artists are hired in a variety of settings, so be sure to keep all your options in mind. There may be positions in beauty stores, with major beauty brands, in spas, and in salons.

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