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How to Become a Makeup Artist in Minnesota

Minnesota Makeup Artist Careers At a Glance
  • The average salary for makeup artists in Minnesota is $48,428 ($23.28/hour). This is higher than the national average of $47,917 ($23.04/hour).
  • There is a predicted 7% job increase between 2016 – 2026 for cosmetologists, including makeup artists. This is lower than the expected national growth of 9%.

Some people find they are drawn to color cosmetics from the time they are very young. They love applying makeup on themselves and their friends, and checking out new cosmetic products in the department stores and magazines. As you get older, you may wish to find a career that allows you to turn your passion into a way to earn a living. If you want a career as a makeup artist, contact schools in your area to learn more today! Makeup artists have many directions they can take their careers in in the state of Minnesota. Some makeup artists specialize in the application of makeup for stage and film, producing characters that terrify and horrify, making actors look much older than they really are, and other special effects.

Some work in television studios, helping the talent and guests look their best on air, which isn't the same as makeup for everyday life. Others work in department stores, representing a particular line of cosmetics and using them to freshen up customer's looks or create a completely new look. Still others work in spas and salons, providing makeup services to clients after a day of other beauty services, or to create a special look for a special event. Some specialize in makeup for bridal parties, or fashion and photo shoots.

State License Requirements

The state of Minnesota does not require makeup artists to hold a specific license. But potential employers and clients may want to see that you hold a valid certificate in makeup artistry, so it can only help your career if you attend makeup artistry school.

Education Details

Schools of cosmetology, hair dressing, and hair styling offer certificates in makeup artistry. Usually, these programs take about six-to-eight months to complete. Some of the larger cosmetic manufacturers offer training in the use of their cosmetics exclusively, and these training programs are shorter in duration. If you decide to do a full program towards your certification in makeup artistry, you will learn about the anatomy and physiology of skin and nails, and diseases that affect them. Of course you will learn about the many cosmetic products and pigments used by makeup artists, and how to correctly use the tools of the trade to apply them. There will be instruction in choosing the best makeup colors for different skin, hair, and eye colors, and makeup applications that flatter different facial shapes and facial features. You'll learn about applying bridal makeup and makeup for stage, film, and television, as well as for fashion and photo shoots which require you to follow someone else's (the fashion designer or photographer's) vision. There will also be instruction on sanitizing and sterilizing pigments and tools, as well as about the business of makeup artistry. There may even be courses in marketing your services, where you'll learn how to create a website, develop attractive brochures and business cards, and writing your resume.

License Renewal

If you want to pursue a career as a professional makeup artist, and have the professional skills to work in salons, then you'll need to earn your cosmetology or esthetician's license. For students solely interested in makeup, you should check out esthetician training first. Those programs tend to be shorter. Cosmetology programs are good if you also want to learn hair and nail skills or if you are thinking about owning a salon one day. The Minnesota renewal process takes place every three years and costs $81.

Minnesota Makeup Artistry Careers


Average yearly salary for makeup artistry in Minnesota

The average yearly wage for makeup artists in Minnesota was $48,428 in 2020 (ZipRecruiter. What you earn will depend largely upon what specifically you do, where you do it, your years of experience, your reputation, and whether you have a large loyal client base. If you go out on your own as an independent makeup artist, you stand to reap the benefits of being a small business owner as well. Many people do that down the road, once they have become established in the profession.

Working as a makeup artist is as varied as the different jobs makeup artists do. If you work in a spa or salon, you will see individual clients, either by appointment or walk-ins, who desire different looks for different reasons and different occasions. Some will want a natural look as a way of finishing off a day of beauty services. Others will come in especially for a dressy look for the gala affair they are attending that evening. You will need to be a good listener so that you can translate what the client says into the look she desires. You may also sell the products you use and earn some extra income in commissions from that. If you work in television, film, or stage, you will need to be on location to make up and then touch up your clients as needed throughout the day or during the performance. This is also true if you do makeup for fashion and photo shoots. If you work at a department store, you will sell a particular line of cosmetics and use them exclusively to create looks for customers. In most instances, you should have some scheduling flexibility as a makeup artist, and be able to work your career around other obligations you have, such as raising your family, or community volunteer work. You can work either full or part time as a makeup artist. Makeup artistry offers so many different possible directions to take your career in, so it is a wonderful field to grow in. If you have always loved doing your own and your friends' makeup, and enjoyed colors and pigments, consider making a career for yourself as a makeup artist! Look into some of the programs available in your area.

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