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College of DuPage is a community college with an affordable, fast-paced cosmetology program. You can either earn an A.A.S. degree in cosmetology or certificates in cosmetology or technology. Instruction takes place in top-notch facilities or the professional onsite salon, where you'll get experience with cutting-edge equipment. Some classes even take place virtually.

The program has an excellent reputation among prestigious salons in the Glen Ellyn area, and they help students with professional networking and career opportunities after graduation.


College of DuPage offers the following programs:

Cosmetology / Continuing Education

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Accreditation or State Approval

The accreditation or state approval status of this school's programs is unknown. We did not find accreditation or approval status through publicly available records. Please check directly with the relevant state board about programs at this school.


To apply to this school, there is a $20 application fee.

Financial Aid

34% of students received financial aid

On average, students received $6,081 in financial aid.

Student Body

Gender Ratio

54% Female, 46% Male

Race / Ethnicity Ratio

46% White, 27% Hispanic / Latino, 8% African American, 11% Asian American, 0% American Indian, 0% Hawaiian / Pacific, 3% Two or More, 4% Unknown

20,849 students are enrolled in this school

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Page last updated: 03/08/2024

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