What Are the Age Requirements for Cosmetology School?

Are you wondering about the age requirements for beauty school, or if you are too old to enroll in a particular program?

These are common questions people wonder when they are considering a career in the beauty industry.

Like other creative careers, cosmetology can seem like a young person’s game. But the truth is, there are older professionals working side-by-side with younger workers at salons and spas every day – and thriving!

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That’s why we’ve compiled information about salary, career outlook, the ins-and-outs of training, license requirements – okay, we could go on forever.

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Otherwise, let’s keep talking about the topics concerning age and cosmetology careers…

Are there cosmetology school age requirements?

Before we talk more about older professionals who have experienced success making a career change to cosmetology, let’s cover the initial requirements. In other words, let’s answer the “Am I too young for cosmetology school?” question first.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), you will need to be at least 16 years of age in most states to qualify for cosmetology school age requirements. For students who are around this age, congratulations for getting on the ball! You should speak with your school counselor about vocational programs that might work with your school. Some high school kids get initial experience this way, which can lead directly into training and career opportunities after high school.

There are no age limits on learning!

Once you can fulfill the age requirement of your state, it really doesn’t matter how young or old you are. If you are truly passionate about becoming a stylist, makeup artist, esthetician, nail technician, or massage therapist, why not go for it?

The sooner you take the steps toward the job you really want, the happier you can be in your professional life. It’s no secret that people who are happier at work are happier at home. We have also been told over and over how important happiness is to our overall health.

If you find yourself daydreaming of new hair styles, or working in a more laid back atmosphere, maybe it’s time you contacted a beauty school near you to learn your options.

Cosmetology careers can be second chances!

One aspect that cannot be overlooked about changing careers to cosmetology is the chance for people to make a fresh start.

Many professionals, in a variety of jobs, wake up one day and realize they are unhappy. Cosmetology careers can give you a second chance at being happy in your professional life – maybe for the first time in your life…

One example of how cosmetology careers can literally give some people a second chance, Landus Jackson, a former inmate at Vienna Correctional Center in Vienna, Illinois. Landus was given a quick ceremony on his way out of prison that awarded him his cosmetology license, which he earned while behind bars. Instead of choosing to repeat the same choices that landed him in prison, he chose to work to better himself so he could be prepared to contribute his talents to society when he was released.

Although your story may not be as dramatic, this is proof that you probably have what it takes to earn your license, if you make the right choices and connect with the right program.

For younger students, you have likely have heard non-stop over the couple years how tough it can be to get a job, even with a four-year degree. However, with these challenges, students have become more adaptable and open to vocational training.

This special segment from the Public Broadcasting Station (PBS) expands on this topic, and the “growing recognition of its value for some students.” Cosmetology careers definitely fall into this trend. After all, in a tight job market, why spend more than you have to, if you can achieve professional credentials and skills clients expect through shorter training programs?

For older students, it can be easy to let yourself fall into a mindset that you are too old, or that you already missed your opportunity. The fact is, as long as you are physically able to do the work, you are never too old to learn a new trade!

Do you want to talk to cosmetology school advisors about your options for training?

Even if you’re on the fence, it never hurts to know your options. You never know, you might feel ten years younger once you’re cutting and styling, and socializing with clients can combine your love of style with your personality.

You can bask in how awesome it feels to get instant credit and love for your work – instead of waiting for your yearly review, as many corporate professionals have to do, unfortunately. That’s perhaps one of the most awesome benefits of working in beauty. Clients go crazy when you hit a home run, and make them look their best, or reveal their potential to rock a new style.

Some things to consider before you go to beauty school…

Physical ability

Now, we also know there can be a big difference in the choice to change careers when you are 40 versus someone who is 60 or older. Even though you may dream of being a hairdresser, if you have somewhat of a limited physical ability, you might have to get creative about how you go about your cosmetology career. If you can’t stand on your feet all day, why not pursue makeup artistry or nail technician work? Or, maybe you just want to work part-time, and see how it goes?

License requirements

You need to check the license requirements in your state for beauty professions. You might not have to earn your cosmetologist’s license to cut hair. Some states offer beautician’s licenses, which can be earned with fewer training hours and beauty school course credits. If you just want to practice makeup artistry, you may not even need a professional license in your state. When you speak with schools, they can help you navigate the most efficient path towards the career you want.

Let us help you figure out how you can make a cosmetology career change – no matter what your age…

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