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Being the first at anything can be exhilarating but also frightening. After all, there's no one to give you tips, no one's footsteps you can follow. It takes courage and passion to be first, but the impact you have is long-lasting. This is what it means to be the first person in your family…

Marketing 101 for the Independent Beauty Professional Beauty is big business. According to a 2021 market summary, the cosmetics and beauty market is worth $84 billion in the U.S. alone.

Career Switching in the Service Sector: How to Highlight Soft Skills & Interview and Resume Tips Are you starting to feel burned out in your current job and looking for a new challenge or higher pay? If so, it could be time for a career change. Leveraging skills you already have—knowhow you’ve…

Those who work in the beauty industry or attend cosmetology school are trained to keep the care and comfort of clients foremost in their minds. Their livelihoods rely on giving clients a relaxing experience that makes them feel cared for and…

Starting a business is stressful and challenging for many business owners, and women entrepreneurs face challenges their male counterparts don’t. However, that doesn’t mean women shouldn’t start businesses—far from it!

LGBTQ+ Homelessness Support

BSD Staff - 12/20/2021

How to Be an Ally for LGBTQ+ Experiencing Homelessness While homelessness affects individuals from a variety of backgrounds and circumstances, LGBTQ+ people are much more likely to struggle with home and basic needs insecurity.

Skin Allergies

BSD Staff - 10/18/2021

: Causes, Reactions, and How to Avoid Allergens Skin allergies—like all allergies—are on the rise. Allergic reactions on the skin can range from mildly annoying to potentially deadly, so it's essential to know how to recognize, treat, and avoid them as much as possible.

Cosmetology School Accreditation

BSD Staff - 07/28/2021

Beauty School Accreditation and Licensure When committing substantial time and money to beauty school training, you want to ensure you get both value and quality from your education. It’s important to choose an accredited or state-approved beauty program.

Look at any early beauty advertisements from the 20th century, and you'll likely see a white housewife extolling the virtues of some revolutionary new blush or life-changing lipstick.

English Language Learners' Guide to Beauty School Fast Facts About English Language Learners in American Schools