Why Become an Esthetician: Student Voices

Every person who wants to become an esthetician is in it for their own reasons. However, they may also find other people with similar backgrounds and stories, which can lead to connections and support.

When people apply for our Beauty & Wellness Professionals Scholarship, they tell us what inspired their dream of going to esthetician school. Their stories are touching and inspiring to us in return.

Here, we'll share some future estheticians' reasons for joining the field.

Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

Reason #1: Personal Experience with Skin Problems

People's lived experiences can influence their future careers. When it came to many of our scholarship applicants,  This rang true for many prospective estheticians, as many struggled with their skin growing up. These are some of their stories.

As a child, I was bullied heavily for my acne. During the pandemic, I started researching skincare and found my passion. I hope to one day be a helping hand and support system for others. I want to become the person I needed growing up.

–Gracie Otto (Valley, Alabama)

I struggled with acne growing up and had a really hard time with it. I watched thousands of videos on how to clear acne and read many articles, and I just loved learning new things about my skin. When I finally found what worked for me, my confidence came back, and I found this new love for skin care. Now I want to help others with their skin because I know how it feels to struggle with your skin.

–Jade Dawes (Oak Harbor, WA)

What inspired me to pursue beauty as a career would be my personal relationship with the aesthetic field. I have always struggled with skincare issues such as dry skin, very aggressive acne, oily skin, and many other things. I have always done my own makeup and began to use it as an escape. I want to learn how to help people with the same insecurities I grew up not being able to fix.

–Amaya Declet-Rivera (New Bedford, MA)

While growing up, I always had very bad, acne-prone skin. All the girls around me had the most beautiful skin, and so I began to research it. Once I began to figure out my perfect skincare routine, wearing makeup was much more enjoyable, and I never felt so confident. I love to help others figure out their skincare or makeup needs and experience them feel more confident in their own skin.

–Savannah Wiebe (Lubbock, TX)

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Reason #2: Estheticians Help Others

While many people think of beauty as being about looks alone, it's also a great way to help others. Whether its clearing up those skin challenges, giving people a break, or helping increase self-esteem, these future estheticians are ready for the challenges and joys of using esthetics to make the world a bit better.

What inspired me to pursue beauty as a career is seeing the way my services make people feel. There is no better joy than designing a look for someone and seeing them feel beautiful both inside and out. A traditional office setting does not seem to set my soul on fire like hands-on work and the connection that I make with clients.

–Abigail Nguyen (Haslet, TX)

I was really inspired to get into the beauty industry because of the creative freedom, the bonding, and the relationships that are built with clients and people you work with. I also love how healing our services can be for clients. To help someone love themselves and feel good with how they look is truly amazing to me.

–Sarah Mein (Fort Collins, CO)

My daughter says that I am a great gift giver! I guess that would be from the joy I receive giving others something I know they will really love. Choosing a career in esthetics was an easy choice for me because I've always loved to make people feel good.

–Leslie Gamle (Temperance, MI)

Self-care is about taking the time you personally need to improve the quality of your life. I see the beauty industry leading the push for self-care while also being a key facilitator in how self-care can be accomplished. As a professional in the beauty field, you can give your client confidence and self-worth and relieve stress. Providing this to clients is like a secret superpower.

–Danison Lagroon (Salina, KS)

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Reason #3: I’m Inspired by Family or Friends

Many estheticians enter the field to make their families proud or honor them somehow. This could be because they come from a long line of beauty professionals, bonded with a parent over the makeup table, or saw how estheticians improved a loved one's life, among other things. Here are a few of those stories.

What inspired me to pursue beauty as my career was my parents and watching them struggle with life and the challenges of raising a family—while going to beauty school or barbering school. They taught me that with discipline, courage, and motivation, you can achieve and be successful. Beauty school gave them an opportunity—if they can do it, I can too.

–Isha Arroyo (Buffalo, NY)

My Oma worked in cosmetology for my entire life and was definitely my main inspiration to go on this educational journey. Having struggled with insecurities about myself, I want to be able to help others on their journey of self-love and acceptance the same way my Oma did. Not only for her clients but her daughters as well.

–Kemmer Peeples (Portland, OR)

I was inspired by my daughter. She has eczema and hyperpigmentation. Her self-confidence is affected by her skin conditions. I was an LPN for 13 years. I decided to resign to go back to school and obtain a license in esthetics to help my daughter and others with taking care of their skin.

–Monique McKinney (Las Vegas, NV)

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Reason #4: A Lifelong Passion for Skincare and Makeup

They say there's a career for every passion, and it seems that some people were born with a passion for beauty and skincare. Many of our scholarship applicants can't remember when they weren't invested in the latest beauty trends and techniques.

Ever since I was young, I have been passionate and inspired by the beauty industry. I have always been extremely independent when it comes to anything beauty. When I found an esthetician school and did my research on the program, I had finally found something that would be a perfect match for me.

–Morgan Barr (Summerville, SC)

Growing up, I always loved playing with makeup and learning about skincare. I found it was the thing I genuinely could see myself making a career out of because of my passion for beauty. Beauty, to me, means feeling comfortable and confident in oneself. I want to be able to guide people in the direction of their skin and wellness goals while finding new and creative ways to do so

–Lenna Smith (Charlevoix, MI)

Keeping up with the newest trends and products for beauty has always been my passion. Helping people feel great about themselves would be so rewarding—I want to inspire people to love themselves inside and out.

–Maria Korynsel (North Palm Beach, FL)

I've always loved makeup since I was a little girl, and as I've grown up, I began to love everything to do with beauty. I've always known if I pursued this as a career, it would be something I absolutely loved doing.

–Mikayla Smith (Hutto, TX)

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