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12/23/2023 via Google
via Google

My experience was one for the books! High-energy, inclusive environment! Both staff and students are professional, respectful and extremely knowledgeable! From the artists down to the photographers, the team is super talented and passionate about their craft. I learned so much and left looking runway ready!

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Lauren Bell
12/12/2023 via Google
via Google

The amount of talent is truly incredible. The entire staff and students are so kind and beyond creative. The looks are so thoughtfully crafted and the level of professionalism was amazing! This was such a special experience. I will definitely be modeling with this school again! I'm ecstatic to see the quality of the photos and the looks coming to life!

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Lianne Webb
11/12/2023 via Google
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I went to The Makeup Academy NYC as a model & had a great experience! Everyone was so nice & the schedule was so structured & on point. The floor we worked on was big, clean & such a good vibe. The students are talented & open to any feedback/opinions. Highly recommend attending as a student or model. Can’t wait to go back!

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In the School's Words

In the School's Own Words

At The Makeup Academy, we’ve always held firm to the philosophy that dreams come true with hard work. We want to help other artists become the next inspirational hair and makeup specialist. The Makeup Academy NYC is an internationally known makeup academy in the heart of NYC. Women and men from all over the world travel to NYC to pursue their dreams of becoming a professional makeup artist, grow in their skills and knowledge, and work for major makeup brands, behind the scenes for fashion or editorial shoots or join bridal teams all over the world…just to name a few of the opportunities for makeup artists. Discover all that The Makeup Academy has to offer today!

Programs Offered

Personal Programs

Are you a total makeup beginner looking for confidence in executing the perfect everyday makeup look? Do you want to learn the perfect smokey eye for date night? Are you and your friends looking for an amazing girl’s night out experience? Then, our personal makeup classes at The Makeup Academy are the perfect fit for you!
Work alongside our amazing instructors as they walk you through the basics of makeup — understanding your skin tone, how to properly prep skin and execute the perfect glowy skin look every woman wants — and then elevate your makeup confidence in a short 6 hour class!

Professional Makeup Programs

If becoming a makeup artist has always been a dream of yours, you will want to join The Master Makeup Artistry Program from The Makeup Academy. We’re an international school of makeup located in NY, and we have been licensed by NYSED to provide an unbeatable educational experience.

In this action-packed program, you will be fully equipped with all the ins and outs of the industry and gain the skills and tools you need to thrive as a freelance makeup artist. This is our complete makeup training program, consisting of 100 in-class hours of makeup education and 18 hours of hairstyling education for makeup artists. Through a series of advanced makeup classes, you will learn the fundamentals and techniques of makeup artistry while also focusing on crucial skills such as skin prep, sanitation standards, and hairstyling.

In addition to in-depth training, you’ll also receive practice hours, photoshoots, and various opportunities to extend your portfolio, such as collaborating with photographers and expanding your professional network. Our master makeup class in New York City is designed to help you build and arrange your portfolio, stay competitive within the industry, and let your creativity speak for itself.

SFX Makeup Program

Are you a passionate makeup artist looking to elevate your skills and stand out from the competition? The SFX Program from The Makeup Academy will unlock a whole new world of possibilities for you! In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving industry, being a well-rounded makeup artist is crucial. Basic special effects techniques are the secret weapons that can take your artistry to the next level. Whether you aspire to work in film, television, beauty and editorial campaigns, or even on special occasions like Halloween, mastering special effects can open doors to endless opportunities.

Special effects are constantly evolving, with new materials, tools and techniques emerging regularly. By taking our program, curated by top FX artists and educators, you will stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and gain a competition edge over other artists.

Learn the fundamentals of creating realistic wounds, bruises, scars, aging effects, and more. By mastering these techniques, you’ll be able to create captivating characters and bring your artistic vision to life.

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