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Taylor Lynn
2/25/2024 via Google
via Google

I have never been to such a careless, reckless institution. I called day of to make an appt for gel extension nails. It’s extremely expensive at a regular salon and my past experiences at schools have been better because of the attention to detail and very safe procedures with a watchful eye of instructors. Well not here! I sat for 30 minutes before a student got me. I found out later it’s because no one told her she had a client. For another 30 minutes, we move around the facility trying to find another student to help her. That is totally fine with me, but once they started it became apparent that they had not done this particular service many times. I asked them how many times they have done this and they told me only a couple. In fact, one said that her focus in school was hair, not nails. Never in my life have I been to a cosmetology school and had a student do a service for me that they have only done two or three times before. By this point, I realise that I have not even spoken to or seen an instructor so I tell the girls to go get one. One of the instructors comes and begins to immediately insult me saying “well, she has absolutely no nail form to build a gel extension off of” and that it's my fault the service has gone awry. If I was not a candidate for the service, I don’t understand why there wasn’t an instructor at the very beginning to come by and tell me so. I told this instructor that no one has come to check on me or the students since I arrived and that I don’t appreciate her insulting me, instead of coming up with solutions to remedy the situation. Another student who is actually in school to be a nail tech comes up to me and asks me if she can help to try and remedy the situation. I am very grateful to her. She then tells me there is no way for us to soak the gel off because it is a non-removable gel stuck to my nails and skin. Eventually, I just ripped it off myself so that I could save ourselves the time and agonising process of having to file it down. The instructor informed me that they were going to be getting rid of that gel in their storage. Whether or not that’s true, I don’t know. Why a salon school would have that gel is beyond me. We weren’t even able to finish the service within 4.5 hours. The instructor who came by is not even a nail technician instructor, at no point did I see or meet a nail technician instructor. So many times the students were asking other students for help. When they asked me to pay at the end, I refused based on the incompetence of the instructors and school management who not only failed me but failed their students as well. Just because I sign a contract at the beginning saying I am OK with a student working on me, does not mean that you can just do whatever you want and then expect me to pay you for it. The instructor even told me she believed I was being unfair! As if that money was going to go to the students (it doesn't). I paid every single one of the students that helped me directly for the struggle they went through. Just so you know it’s not just the nail service that did not have instructors checking on their students. I watched many students complete all kinds of services without an instructor checking on them even once. This place is an absolute institutional failure. If you are a student and want to pay whatever awful amount of money it takes to come and teach yourself, then I guess it is your money and time to waste. Another point I want to make clear is that I do not blame the students for the incredible lack of care that the institution has for them. It is absolutely not any of their fault that they did not know what they were doing. I am a person with feelings and a physical health that needs to be respected, and these students are human beings who are paying you as an institution to teach them, guide them and help them learn their crafts. My heart goes out to those students who are struggling at the carelessness of instructors who I saw sitting on their phone all day. Do not go here as a guest or as a student!

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Gina Ciolli
1/22/2024 via Google
via Google

Kirsten did an amazing job fixing my hair!!! Loved the experience and so grateful to her!

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K Yang
11/28/2023 via Google
via Google

If you’re thinking about going to school here, I would AVOID it, especially the esthetician program. We went through several teachers throughout the course of my time here (they couldn’t retain ANY teachers). The first red flag was hiring cosmos as our instructors who were never able to answer any of our esthetician questions. The second was not having any of our supplies on the first day of school. And the third was the fact that my instructor couldn’t even read or pronounce any of the words in our textbooks once we got them. Eventually she would ask “do you guys want to just read it on your own??” My class and I were constantly having to google answers or watch YouTube videos to teach ourselves. Once we were on the floor to provide services our teacher quit so we didn’t even have an instructor to guide us as we worked on actual clients (It was a guessing game, sorry clients!) We were told to ask the other instructors, who again didn’t specialize in esthetics so they were constantly unsure how to answer us. It was a constant “go ask this instructor or go ask that instructor they might know.” The administration was also a mess and constantly treated everyone as if they were on a power trip. There was constantly drama with the admin, instructors, and students! When students filed incident reports or complaints about instructors and their distasteful behavior and lack of educational training, the students who reported would be suspended and punished instead of the instructor. The argument was “due to an investigation and protection of the students” but this instead only held the students back, not help them? You’d constantly hear teachers gossip about one another and other students, it was so unprofessional and uncomfortable to be around. As a student here and seeing the lack of sanitation and cleanliness that goes on in this school I would NEVER recommend getting any services done here, no matter how desperate I am. Good luck to anyone that does. We were constantly out of supplies and never had what we needed to perform proper services on clients, but were told to “substitute” items with things that had nothing to do with the service so the client wouldn’t notice. It was disgusting and unethical! And instead of telling the client and refusing services, it was evident the school didn’t care and only wanted people’s money. A great school that other estheticians I’ve met in the field have recommended is just up the road and is called TIGI. I would recommend going there and doing a tour to compare the two.The price points are about the same with a much better facility and better hands on training. I am bummed I wasted my money on a school that provided me with no knowledge or experience besides what I had to teach myself. If you speak to any other student from this school you will probably hear the same story as mine. Please avoid this school if you can! It is not worth your time or money.

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Editor's Description

In the School's Words

Welcome to the International Salon and Spa Academy!

We have been established since 1971 and offer the most comprehensive training programs in Colorado Springs. Students are provided a learning environment conducive to academic excellence and "real world" experience. Not only does our training provide our students with the theoretical knowledge and technical skills to succeed in their chosen field, we also provide each student with a firm foundation in business training to insure success in their career and their life. We are able to meet the needs of most anyone seeking a career in the personal care industry.

We are accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences and offer financial aid for those who qualify.

We offer programs in:

  • Cosmetology
  • Barbering
  • Hairstyling
  • Esthetics (skin care)
  • Nail Technician

Our mission is to enhance the personal well being of our guests, provide a realistic training environment for our students and insure the financial stability of our students, staff and organization.

Careers/Job Opportunities

Once you have completed your education and training at International Salon and Spa Academy you will have the skills and experience needed for a great new career.

The Beauty Industry is growing and many great job opportunities are available. Some of the career options include:

  • Hairstylist
  • Color Specialist
  • Salon or Spa Manager
  • Salon or Spa Owner
  • Product Representative
  • Consultant

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International Salon and Spa Academy offers the following programs:

Cosmetology / Esthetics / Nail Technology / Continuing Education / Barbering


Program Length 1,500 hours
Average Completion 13 months
Program Tuition $18,265


Program Length 1,500 hours
Average Completion 12 months
Program Tuition $18,265


Program Length 600 hours
Average Completion 5 months
Program Tuition $7,465

Nail Technology

Program Length 600 hours
Average Completion 5 months
Program Tuition $7,465

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Accreditation or State Approval

One or more programs offered at this school is accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Accredited programs qualify graduates for applicable state licensing. In addition, accredited schools typically can offer more financial aid options, including federal financial aid. Learn more about accreditation and approval.

Financial Aid

0.55% of students received financial aid

On average, students received $5348 in financial aid.

Student Body

Gender Ratio

0.8% Female, 0.2% Male

Race / Ethnicity Ratio

0.34% White, 0.26% Hispanic / Latino, 0.19% African American, 0.04% Asian American, % American Indian, % Hawaiian / Pacific, % Two or More, % Unknown

228 students are enrolled in this school

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