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Ray Hawkins
3/6/2024 via Google
via Google

As an institution of learning and preparing individuals for success, which includes customer service and working with the public on a daily basis, ASIS falls short. On three separate occasions, I've received a subpar massage from the same masseuse showing no signs of improvement over a three month period. Following each session, I clearly itemized areas needing improvement. On two occasions, two completely different masseuses didn't even show up, and no one was available to cover. I was later told by the individual responsible that maybe ASIS is not for me, and she proceeded to inform me that my next appointment has been canceled and that I am no longer welcome at ASIS.

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X Z.
3/4/2024 via Yelp
via Yelp

So overall been here the past several years about 8 x rough guess. My last visit a couple months ago and prior a few months before then. Each of the past...

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Nellie O.
1/25/2024 via Yelp
via Yelp

Learning lesson for all involved. Be sure to request a confirmation text or email for appointment. It wouldn't be fair to rate this school because I...

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In the School's Words

We know that you want to learn more than just the basics, so we do things a little differently. Our focus is on you-the student-as a whole. At ASIS you will learn valuable business, life, and communication skills which set you apart from other massage therapists-skills that prepare you to achieve success both professionally and personally.

We offer support even after you graduate with our Alumni Program, which features job listings and other helpful tools; and through Continuing Education, to help keep you up to date with licensure requirements.

If you're making a commitment to your future, we're making a commitment to you.

Education is an investment. You should get the highest return possible.

Why Become a Massage Therapist?

Increased awareness of the health benefits of massage therapy has created a rapid growth in opportunities. The United States Department of Labor estimates that between now and 2024, job opportunities for massage therapists are expected to increase 22 percent-a rate the Dept. of Labor calls "much faster than average" compared to the average job growth rate of 7 percent for all other careers.

But there is so much more to a career in massage therapy than job growth.

Imagine using your hands to ease someone's pain.

Imagine if going to work meant improving your clients' quality of life, as well as your own.

Imagine a career that brings you joy.



ASIS Massage Education - Mesa offers the following programs:

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Program Length 800 hours
Average Completion 7 months
Program Tuition N/A

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Accreditation or State Approval

The accreditation or state approval status of this school's programs is unknown. We did not find accreditation or approval status through publicly available records. Please check directly with the relevant state board about programs at this school.


To apply to this school, there is a $50 application fee.

Financial Aid

0.45% of students received financial aid

On average, students received $4,937 in financial aid.

Student Body

Gender Ratio

0.71% Female, 0.29% Male

Race / Ethnicity Ratio

0.61% White, 0.18% Hispanic / Latino, 0.08% African American, 0.02% Asian American, % American Indian, % Hawaiian / Pacific, % Two or More, % Unknown

181 students are enrolled in this school

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