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Yvonne “Mula Yung” Love
2/6/2024 via Google
via Google

If you value your Time, Energy, and most importantly your education drive pass this school like a nascar driver I mean speed pass this “Establishment”. The school is disorganized majority of the instructors can care less about their job there were only 2 instructors who truly cared about us and our education, the lunch room had a foul smell the refrigerator was never cleaned my freshman faze instructor was bombarded with work that didn’t obtain to her due to the head senior instructor constantly disappearing on the senior students they always bum rushed our class for help which wasn’t their fault due to the unapproachable head instructor who walked around totting an outlandish malicious attitude to the point her students would purposely avoid her, due to the fact of not knowing if she was gonna be polite or down right nasty (per usual) and was very unwelcoming since my first day attending the school. I started school there in November and by December I felt like it was a total waste of Money, effort and most importantly my Time. My education wasn’t taken one bit of serious I was over crowded in a class with 19 people at once ( mind you this school only has one freshman classroom) it was so bad we had to move our mannequin stands to our theory class. My freshman instructor was often taking 1 hour lunches and 40 minute breaks (when breaks were only 15-20 minutes) and also doing her hair in class or sitting in the theory room on her phone (especially when the class was over crowded) so for a whole 5 weeks I quarterly learned every practical beside rollers and perm rod sets because that was common knowledge for a lot of us, it was so bad I would be on YouTube searching up a practical when I had 2 “instructors” in my class who should be hands on with me. Me and my classmates often leaned on each other and confided in one another during this time I felt like I was paying the school money for things my classmates and I were teaching myself, One of the 2 owners made it no better she made and excuses for every thing I brought to her attention she also accused me of having and attitude when she tried to cut me off mid answer for her questions she was honestly so narcissistic in that situation I was appalled I knew at that very moment I was done with this school there was nothing they can do for me or anyone else, they’re so money hungry it’s sad. There is so much talent in this school that isn’t being nourished, so many wonderful student and 2 amazing instructors who deserve more than a raise they were amazing and due to one of them they made me love shears even more and May God bless the rest of the students who is scared of change or may be truly stuck with this school being their only option. Moral to the story go where your dreams will be nurtured I cannot speak for the esthetics side or barber side but if you want to be a cosmetologist run from this school you will be met with excuses for their excuses. 😂

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Megan Pintal
12/21/2023 via Google
via Google

This place is discriminating against disabled people I was a student there and they threw me out because I went to them with what I believed to be favoritism and discrimination against me I even saw them doing it to others I have video of the the owner and supervisor throwing me out swearing at me. When I was told I could go to school. Don’t go here

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Yamileth Star
10/25/2023 via Google
via Google

Came here several time since I discovered this place. First of all I like Ms. Mari, her kindness, the way she does blow dry, she empathize with the students and takes her time to stop by and starts a conversation with me. She loves teaching, that's for sure!! Always demonstrating to students how she does it. I also want to thank Ms. Shawn (I hope spelling it right), she also knows what to do and I like when she smiles. She helps students in the process, and she comes to stations regularly to check if everything is going well. Finally, I want to say something about the lady at front desk. Has been 3 times saying: "it's full", "there are no students", "they don't take clients today" how she says it. When she's not there, they allowed me to get my service done. The last time she saw me at the entrance walking to the front desk, she didn't say anything. After 5mins of waiting (I was the only one over there) she came. She asked nothing like how may help you? so I come and asked to color my hair...Finally she said it ! I mean. Why she didn't say it when she saw me walking to the front desk? Hopefully the academy hire another lady.! Sometimes there is a long blonde hair girl. I guess she's a teacher. She is polite. Don't know her name but she's always there. Please change that!! I still wanna come. Thank you!

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In the School's Words

Financial Aid now available to those who qualify.

Academy Di Capelli is a full-service beauty school dedicated to consistently providing the highest quality cosmetology education by rendering an excellent curriculum, quality products, and furnishing an enjoyable atmosphere at an acceptable price/value relationship. With almost 35 years of combined salon and business expertise, ACADEMY DI CAPELLI has formed a prestigious facility with state-of the-art equipment, well-trained instructors and a salon-oriented curriculum that produces graduates ready to compete and excel in the world of Professional Cosmetology. We will also maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, ideas, and hard work.

Academy Di Capelli was ranked #1 for Hairdressing and Cosmetology Schools in the area by The Readers Choice Awards in 2003.

We are approved and licensed by: The Connecticut Examining Board for Barbers and Hairdressers, The Connecticut Board Of Cosmetologist and The Department of Public Health.

We are registered with both the Federal and State Government, as well as have our Article of Organization from the Secretary of the State.

All of our teachers are highly skilled and have over 35 years of combined experience. They are all licensed Cosmetologist and teach using advanced training techniques.

We have many different Financial Assistance Programs available to help students make the education at Academy Di Capelli affordable. Some of those programs include 24 months interest free financing and the Hutchins Grant for those who qualify. We also offer Placement Assistance.

Our students are treated to free training seminars offered by many hair-coloring representatives. The students are also taken to the top hair show in the area, as well as Boston and New York to even further heighten their learning experience.

Although Academy Di Capelli's techniques are forever changing as dictated by styles and fashions, our adherence to strict principles of superb craftsmanship and impeccable service skills has never changed.


Academy Di Capelli - East Hartford offers the following programs:

Cosmetology / Esthetics / Barbering / Makeup Artistry


Program Length 1,500 hours
Average Completion 12 months
Program Tuition $18,930

The objectives of the Cosmetology course are to thoroughly train all cosmetology students in all phases of hairdressing including cutting, styling, permanent waving, hair straightening, tinting, manicuring, facials, makeup, health & public safety and State laws & requirements.

Senior students perform beauty services of all kinds, upon paying patrons. The "Clinic", while still a controlled educational environment, strives to reflect as realistically as possible, a modern salon environment. During this phase of the course, the student is guided in gaining experiences designed not only to develop and perfect the skills previously acquired, but to aid in the development of the speed, confidence, salesmanship, customer relations skills and professionalism, required for success in a professional salon environment.


Program Length 1,000 hours
Average Completion 12 months
Program Tuition $15,700


Program Length 600 hours
Average Completion 6 months
Program Tuition $8,592

This course is a comprehensive combination of Lecture, Demonstration, Practical Experience, and Professional Business Management Skills, required for success in the skin care field. Estheticians are skin care specialists who enhance the skin beauty through the use of facials, massage, and makeup. If you have the desire to work in the Skin Care Industry our Esthetician Program is for you! Our Esthetician Program is designed to prepare the student in a knowledgeable background of skin structure, disease and imperfections, various facial treatments, and make up applications.

Our Esthetician Program includes the following subjects:

  • Basic Facials w/Massage
  • European Facials
  • Oily Skin Facials
  • Custom Designed Masks
  • Evening Make Up Applications
  • Temporary Hair Removal
  • Artificial Lash Applications
  • 20 Minute Express Facials
  • Sensitive Skin Facials
  • Normal / Combination Skin Facials
  • Basic Make Up Applications
  • Corrective Make Up Applications
  • Paraffin Masks
  • Extractions
  • Important Facts

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Accreditation or State Approval

One or more programs offered at this school is accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Accredited programs qualify graduates for applicable state licensing. In addition, accredited schools typically can offer more financial aid options, including federal financial aid. Learn more about accreditation and approval.


To apply to this school, there is a $100 application fee.

Financial Aid

95% of students received financial aid

On average, students received $8,637 in financial aid.

Student Body

Gender Ratio

87% Female, 13% Male

Race / Ethnicity Ratio

42% White, 25% Hispanic / Latino, 30% African American, 2% Asian American, 0% American Indian, 0% Hawaiian / Pacific, 0% Two or More, 1% Unknown

157 students are enrolled in this school

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