8 Tips for Balancing Cosmetology School and Work

Whether you're just beginning your cosmetology training or you're already licensed and want to advance your career, keeping a healthy balance between your school and home/work lives is vital. People with children, other commitments, or who are switching careers are especially drawn to careers in the beauty industry, as it's often possible to set your hours and fit your work around your life. Keep reading for our top tips on creating the ideal school/life balance.

1. Find a Cosmetology School with a Schedule That Fits Your Needs

When choosing a cosmetology school, it's essential to find one that both provides the right program content and offers a schedule that works well for your life. A variety of options are available: you can choose part-time cosmetology school, night or weekend courses, or flexible programs that allow you to adjust the course structure to fit your schedule. Some schools also offer online study options for theory-based work, although you'll still need hands-on training for the practical parts of the coursework.

2. Use Your Current Job as a Resource, Not a Hindrance

Being employed doesn't mean you can't study at the same time. Unless you work inflexible hours, your employer may be willing to accommodate a flexible work schedule, around which you could fit your studies. If you work in a store, a salon, a restaurant, or another environment that has slow periods during the day, ask your employer if you can bring your course materials to work and use that downtime to study. Likewise, use break times and lunch periods wisely.

3. Get Your Family and Friends on Board

It's hard to balance daily life and school—especially if you are a parent! Often, your family members and friends may be happy to help you with your studies however they can. Asking trusted people to help you with childcare or other daily obligations can free up lots of your time, allowing you to study at times when it would otherwise be difficult. It's also important to ask your friends and family to respect your wishes to study. Emphasize how important it is that you can study without changing your schedule or taking time away from your learning, except in the cases of emergencies or special events.

4. Plan Ahead Financially

As in most aspects of life, proper financial planning is a solid base on which you can build your cosmetology studies. Research the scholarship, financial aid, and tuition payment plan options for the programs you're interested in, and think about how these costs align with your other financial commitments. You may also want to see where else you can cut financial corners, such as buying clothes at thrift stores or eating out less often—although you don't have to cut out all enjoyable activities!

5. Find "Study Buddies" at Your New School

When you start cosmetology school, you'll be surrounded by people with similar interests, so make the most of new connections and cultivate friendships. Having positive relationships with your classmates can keep you accountable and help with practicing and studying. More than anything, your fellow students will understand the specific challenges of training for a cosmetology qualification, so they may lend meaningful support when it's needed.

6. Manage Your Time

Creating—and more importantly, sticking to—a schedule that suits you is vital to maintaining a balance between your school and home life. Set yourself reasonable short and long-term goals, and celebrate your accomplishments, to remind yourself of how far you've come. Break your day into blocks of time and commit to concentrating on just one thing during each block. You'll get more done in less time this way, and your day may be much less stressful.

7. Create a Workspace at Home

Having a dedicated, just-for-you space for studying can help you focus on your schoolwork, even when the rest of your environment is busy. Set rules about the area and ensure it's strictly for studying; don't use any other part of your house for your coursework, and don't use that space for other activities. Make your study area an inviting, attractive place to be, with items that make you happy, comfortable furniture, and visual representations of your goals. Make it a place you want to be.

8. Don't Forget to Breathe

Above all else, it's essential to take time to look after yourself both mentally and physically when studying. Block out time in your schedule to do things you enjoy, spend time with people you love, and practice regular self-care. The last thing you want is to burn out and give up on your studies before you complete them. Plus, as a cosmetology student, you'll have the perfect excuse to practice relaxing treatments on yourself, any time you want. Make the most of your leisure time, and your studies will surely benefit, too.

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