Beauty School Scholarships

One of the great things about beauty school is the efficient timeline in which training can typically be completed. Compared to a four-year degree, the time and cost make beauty school training an attractive option for students with a creative eye for style and a passion for working in the field of cosmetology. No matter how inexpensive your training may be, it’s always a good idea to search for cosmetology scholarships that can aid the cost of tuition and other school related fees. Most schools expect students to juggle their current jobs while they train for a new career. Some even offer financing options or qualify for Federal aid programs for students who meet certain criteria. No matter what area of cosmetology you pursue, speak with your local schools about any possible beauty school scholarships that you may qualify for. It can’t hurt to ask, and it may pay off!

The main benefit to a scholarship for beauty school over a loan is that scholarships do not have to be repaid. However, many will require that you remain enrolled and meet a minimum GPA requirement. You will also need to use your cosmetology scholarship money for school related expenses. And some will even allow you to apply your funds towards personal expenses. Just be sure you understand the rules for accepting any cosmetology school scholarships you apply for. Plus, you don’t want to waste your time applying for an award that isn’t relevant to your goals, or was designed for students who have qualifications that you can’t meet.

We aim to be the most awesome resource available online for future beauty professionals and cosmetology students. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular beauty school scholarships available for students in a variety of areas.

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Cosmetology Scholarships

There are many cosmetology school scholarships for students across the United States. In fact, we have our own cosmetology scholarship that we love to tell prospective students about. Here is a list to get you started:

  1. Beauty Schools Directory $2,500 Scholarship
  2. Joe Francis Haircare Scholarship
  3. Lee Essie and Charlie McMillan, Jr. Scholarships
  4. Vidal Sassoon Basic (prospective or newer students)
  5. Vidal Sassoon Advanced (licensed hairstylists)
  6. Empire Beauty School offers scholarship options
  7. Buy Rite Annual Beauty School Scholarship
  8. Cosmetologists Chicago Scholarship
  9. Minerva Beauty Scholarship
  10. Arnold Miller Find-A-Way
  11. Sydell & Arnold Miller Fashion Forward
  12. Sydell & Arnold Miller Student for Life
  13. Ratner Passion & Purpose
  14. CosmoProf
  15. PBA Lifetime Member Scholarship
  16. Bellus Academy Scholarships

Esthetics School Scholarships

Take a look at these examples of esthetics scholarships that you may be able to quality for. Keep in mind that many cosmetology scholarships can be applied to different kinds of programs. That’s why we recommend speaking with schools about all your options for esthetics school classes and licensure.

  1. Beauty Schools Directory $2,500 Scholarship
  2. Cosmetologists Chicago Scholarship
  3. Amazing Lash Studio Esthetics Scholarship Program
  4. Sydell L. Miller – Total Image Esthetics Scholarship
  5. DermaMed Solutions Education Award
  6. Hans Neumaier Memorial Scholarship
  7. Minerva Beauty Scholarship
  8. Professional Beauty Association Scholarships
  9. Bellus Academy Scholarships
  10. International Spa Association Mary Tabacchi Scholarship

Makeup Artist Scholarships

Use the links below to compare these scholarships for makeup artist students. And don’t forget to ask each makeup school you speak with about their particular scholarship or loan opportunities. They likely help students with all kinds of financial situations take the next step.

  1. Beauty Schools Directory $2,500 Scholarship
  2. Ve Neill Legends of Makeup Scholarship
  3. Dick Smith Legends of Makeup Scholarship
  4. Minerva Beauty Scholarship
  5. Professional Beauty Association Scholarships
  6. MUD Makeup Scholarship

Barber School Scholarships

Barber scholarships can help you take the next step towards working at a local shop or opening your own business. Take a look at these cosmetology and barber scholarship opportunities for students. With a little extra help, the cost of your barber school training can be more affordable, and your dream of becoming a barber can be within reach.

  1. Beauty Schools Directory $2,500 Scholarship
  2. Leo Passage Scholarship (open to licensed barbers)
  3. Oregon Barber and Hairdresser Grant Program (residents of Oregon)
  4. Minerva Beauty Scholarship

Nail Tech Scholarships

If you are looking for nail school scholarships, then review these opportunities for cosmetology and nail tech students.

  1. Beauty Schools Directory $2,500 Scholarship
  2. CND | Master Nail Program
  3. Cosmetologists Chicago Scholarship
  4. OPI Scholarhip
  5. Minerva Beauty Scholarship

Apply for your Beauty School Scholarship Now!

Are you ready to learn more about financial aid and cosmetology scholarship opportunities for students in your state? Whether you want to become a beautician, electrologist, makeup artist, or esthetician, there are scholarship and financial aid options available for most students in all fifty states. After you review these beauty scholarships, be sure you speak with schools in your area to find out which financial options students in your city typically use to pay for their training. This will also be a good opportunity to make sure you understand your state’s professional licensing requirements, and which programs are the best fit to help you achieve your goals.